Escort radar detector web dating


Having been without a detector for a few years, I was excited to see how the cat-and-mouse game of police versus detector had evolved to keep up with and introduce new technologies.

Radar bands like super-wide KA, instant-on technologies like POP and LIDAR (laser) are the new tools of the ticket giving trade.

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It is a thin piece of metal that slides into the detector, holding it at a variety of positions to work with a variety of windshield angles.

The detector does slip out of the mount very easily for times when you want to conceal it when parking.

There used to be a price premium for the blue but now they retail for the same price, so pick whichever you prefer.

Their first detector, just called Escort, was a large, utilitarian box with a bright amber, Cyclops-eye alert lamp and Geiger counter-style range meter that detected radar better than anything else on the market.

The smart cord also features a mute button handy for silencing lengthy encounters.

If you’ve ever driven with a detector then you’re familiar with how annoying false alarms can be.

It immediately drew tons of industry and user raves and became a sensation.

While Escort didn’t invent the radar detector, they have spent decades working towards perfecting it. I think the blue definitely looks cooler, but the red may better preserve night vision.

This is a super cool device which literally changes the landscape of the product, and I’ll discuss in more detail in a bit.

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