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These shows are sometimes used as launching pads for certain participants who may not win the competition but their skills impress sports firms the they offer a contract to them. Other such shows are ‘The Big Break’ - golfer’s competition, The Contender - boxing show competition, RTÉ One's ‘Celebrity Bainisteoir’ (Irish series) involves eight non-sporting Irish celebrities becoming bainisteoiri (managers) of mid-level Gaelic football teams, leading their teams in an officially sanctioned tournament. Renovation Shows – Reality based Renovation Shows are those which involve restoration or transforming wholly or partially, a person's house, work space, vehicle etc. Some of the Renovation Shows are Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Debbie Travis' Facelift, Designed to Sell, While You Were Out and Holmes on Homes.‘Pimp My Ride’ and ‘Overhaulin' shows vehicles being rebuilt.

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Some of the most popular reality shows of this type are American Idol, America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Duets etc.

Some of the major Talk Shows are Larry King Live, The Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey Show, Ricki Lake, The Jerry Springer Show and many others. Original Life Event Shows – Original Life Event Shows are the ones which show authentic real life events captured on tape by amateurs or professionals who happened to witness the events.

The events shown are accidents, bad behaviour, disasters, daring rescues, escapes, stunts, police chases and other extraordinary events.

These shows often served to parody the conventions of the reality TV genre.

The first such show was ‘The Joe Schmo Show’ during the 2003's.

Series like ‘Scare Tactics’ are filled with supernatural overtones purposely to incite fear or aversion in the cast. Sports Shows – Sports based reality shows are involved in organising a sporting competition among sports person who attempt to establish their name in a chosen sport.

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