Ethopian dating


When you approach her, realize her English may be bad so she ignores your approach.

Search for some free lessons online to learn basic greetings and introductions.

If you ever heard an Ethiopian woman speaking a foreign language, then she was speaking Amharic.

The more Amharic you learn, the easier it will be to date almost an Ethiopian woman since many do not speak good English.

Join Ethiopian Dating Websites Lastly, create a profile on several Ethiopian dating websites to increase your chances to finding a date.

Many men from around the world decide to travel to and pursue women from Ethiopia as they have some of the most modest, gorgeous, olive skin, bouncy hair, and generous yet fit curves known to man!

Some of the most beautiful world models come from Ethiopia, such as Liya Kebede, Angel Melaku, and Sara Nuru just to name a few! ) Ethiopian women, although frequently brought up in poverty, come from a well-established, fairly commonly religious country.

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With that being said, most Ethiopian women move on to finishing High School level equivalency education and then stop to either work, or become a stay at home Mom to support or build their own family.Travel to Addis Ababa Addis is the capital of Ethiopia and you will find an abundance of beautiful Ethiopian women that want to date foreigners.I’ve known several brothas who have traveled to Ethiopian and married a local woman.Learn Some Amharic One of the easiest ways to stand out and attract an Ethiopian woman is to learn some Amharic.Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia and is mostly spoken by Ethiopians over English.You have to get a passport and visa to visit Ethiopia.

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