Evangelical dating site


They pray desperately for a man to come into their lives.

He was also frustrating, though; he made a habit of misreading my thoughts, and was notably short on patience.

Yearning for a relationship and social fulfillment, but paralyzed by a tyranny of unattainable standards, she distracts herself with a pseudo-romance that she can share with her entire community.

I have watched as female friends slipped deeper into this spiritual vortex, attending a weekend conference that affirms and exalts their God-given feminine allure, only to return home to the same female roommates they’ve had since they were 23.

And yet here was my mom, singing a love song not to my dad, but to Jesus.

As I got older and even more wrapped up in the culture of evangelical Christianity, my romantic love for Jesus picked up steam.

At 22, I could be found standing in a softly lit room full of other angsty Evangelicals, swaying, kneeling, perhaps crying lightly, and all singing, “Jesus, Love of my soul, Jesus, I will never let you go…

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