Excel spreadsheet formulas not updating


So to summarise; I started a budget spreadsheet to gain a clear understanding of where my money was going.I was tired of living payday to payday and decided that without a clear plan (in written form), I was not able to regain control of my money.One of the most popular reasons for people to start a budget is to find creative ways to further pay off debt.Taking the time to list each of your debts will give you mental clarity on how much you owe and the rate of interest associated with each debt (which is particularly useful in prioritizing which debts to pay off first). It’s the tool that keeps you honest in your money saving endeavours; it clearly outlines how much you spend versus how much you earn and quickly helps you keep track of your personal finances with an aim to improve them.Quite simply, if you are spending money faster than you can earn it; you have a problem.Your budget spreadsheet can help you identify this quickly.While there are many budgeting tools available, I find the best method of budgeting is done via Microsoft Excel (or spreadsheets in general).

People often find a burst of inspiration to create a budget spreadsheet, only to never look at it again.Tracking your expenses is the most important part of any budget spreadsheet.Here are some tips to accurately gather your existing expenses to document in your budget: Following these tips will help you document all of your expenses for your budget spreadsheet.It’s a downloadable Excel Template that has beautiful visuals and a range of tools to make budgeting easy.For a limited time only, enter coupon “BUDGET5” for off.Budgets contain a plethora of your private information and I prefer that this resides on my own computer, not some 3rd party budget app.

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