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**Royal Navy ** Atlantic Patrol Task (South) are the main seaborne assets, provided by the Royal Navy, and maintaining a long association with the Islands dating back to 1914.

This long-standing commitment is currently provided by HMS Edinburgh, a Type 42 destroyer, the Falkland Islands patrol vessel in the shape of HMS Clyde, and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel Gold Rover.

Between them they provide a potent maritime force in the region that can take on a whole range of tasks including patrols around the Islands and to South Georgia, several hundred miles further south, in often rough South Atlantic seas.

In addition to the above assets, unsung heroes 460 Port Troop, 17 Port and Maritime Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, run East Cove Military Port as the main supply access for the Garrison, applying their specialist expertise to turning round supply ships in the fastest time possible.

March 2010 – Hillary Clinton says that the US would be willing to mediate between Britain and Argentina.

Sept 2010 – Uruguay prevents HMS Gloucester from docking in Montevideo in act of solidarity with Argentina.

See more photos of UK forces personnel deployed to the Falkland Islands in the gallery at Related News.

In line with the Islanders’ wishes, British forces provide a visible demonstration of UK sovereignty over the Islands.

With their daunting terrain and challenging climate - the phrase ‘all four seasons in one day’ is never more apt - the Islands provide an outstanding training environment which stands British forces in good stead for operational service anywhere.

1998 – Carlos Menem, the Argentine president, visits London and reaffirms his country's claim on the Falklands but promises to use peaceful means to pursue the matter.

2001 – Tony Blair becomes the first British Prime Minister to visit Argentina since the Falklands War, but discussions are restricted to trade.

**Army **A key element of the British presence is the ‘FIRIC’, or Falkland Islands Roulement Infantry Company, which for four months of this year has been provided by members of 2nd Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (2 PWRR), nicknamed ‘The Tigers’.

Based in Woolwich, they swapped their public duties role guarding Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Windsor Castle, among other glamorous locations, for combat kit and cold weather clothing to cope with the driving winds, snow and heavy rain of the Falklands winter - a far cry from the Royal Wedding sunshine when they were street-liners.

A fragile and beautiful, if rugged, place, off South America, and similar to north Scotland, the Islands farm 700,000 sheep, with the sale of fishing licences generating extra income.

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