Fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled


My page has a Details View control (named "details" on there) and on Page_Load I am binding it to a single item from my table being returned as a Data Table object. App Settings("admin Group")) = False Then 10 ' ' user is not in admin group 11 ' Response. Text Dim conn As New Sql Connection(" I fixed it ..

fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled-12fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled-82

Old controls still work, but new ones don't I am all of the sudden getting the following message when I double click any control in the designer to create an evnent.So when some one clicks on edit button on the gridview, it actually opens detailsview in the Ajax modal pop up.I have managed to update the details but, what i want to achieve is the values which have been updated and grab the field name and enter in the database which fields have been updated like email, phone etc. dropdownlist.selectedvalue is a shortcut to get the currently selected value in the dropdown.I have tried many many ways to find Control but all fail.'Function on Control1 called from Control2 after Control1 Page Init/load: Public F..control test User test User csusing ...I expect that it will fill a text box or a label but I wouldn’t mind if it could fill a button or any number of things that have a simple place to store text. Now Text Box1 is set to post back when I click the button on the screen.

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