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Yocto layer that enables OTA software updates via Uptane, an automotive-specific extension to The Update Framework.

Uptane and TUF are open standards that define a secure protocol for delivering and verifying updates even when the servers and network–internet and car-internal–aren’t fully trusted.

The Asian lion population has recovered from the brink of extinction to several hundred individuals.

Today they only live in the Gir Forest, India, which remains the stronghold for this species apart from a few prides living outside this protected area.

Asian lions are considered endangered by the IUCN as there are only about 500 individuals remaining in the wild.During the download of the patch, the device can stay operable and switch to update mode as soon as the download is complete.Due to the fact, that the firmware is manipulated directly there is still a high risk to have a bricked device in case of an unexpected reset, which has to be handled properly.Fota Wildlife Park partakes in cooperative breeding programmes, which are an essential safeguard against severe declines in the wild population, as well as contributing financially to conservation projects in the wild.Three Asian lion cubs were born in the wildlife park last August to first time parents, mother Gira and father Shanto.Following some examples: While transferring the firmware over the air is not the only job of a firmware update mechanism, we want to take a short look on the general firmware update techniques.

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