Freddie and mama jones dating


will be released on July 20 in the States, marking the anniversary almost 10 years to the day of the original's release. We have answers to that, and a bunch of other questions below.boasted one of the greatest casts of all time (each with a pretty wide variety of singing skills), and Universal has dumped truckloads of cash on their doorsteps to ensure they all return for the follow-up.

The truth, though simply, is infinitely more personal.Let's hope he's having very specific singing lessons! And then she turned up in the trailer…Yep, we've already seen the first footage of !You can watch the trailer above (complete with Cher footage) and it's super fun. Fans were extremely upset about apparent reveal that Meryl Streep's character Donna is DEAD.Benny confirmed that 'Angel Eyes', 'I Wonder' and 'When I Kissed the Teacher' will be featured in the film's follow-up. In addition to giving us the scoop on the songs, Benny also told us the plot of the film."It's more of a prequel really, because it's about everything that happened before they ended up on Kalokairi island," Benny said."It's Donna when she was young, Meryl Streep when she was young, and what happened when she met the three dads.As well as what happened after the previous film finishes.He's also signed up, and has admitted it'll be a bit weird."I think it will be fine working with Amanda again," Cooper said.

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