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You must act alone, under cover — contact with fellow spies prohibited and no funny business. This adjustable wand vibrator comes with a colorful unicorn head attachment. Snag a gift card to this progressive, feminist sex shop and you can choose whatever you want from their lovingly-curated selection. The We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection, donated by We-Vibe. The Tomboii boxer briefs style has The njoy Eleven, donated by njoy. I fell in love all over again when they introduced a rechargeable version. The adjustable intensity dial and array of electrode attachments make this a versatile sensation toy. This little operation makes hand-poured silicone sex toys in fantastical shapes, such as carrot and radish butt plugs, ice cream anal toys, and rocket ship strap-ons. Fact: Crystal Delights makes both of my favorite glass dildos: the swirly Crystal Twist and bumpy Star Delight.This mission open to all spies-in-training, international and domestic. It’s whimsical as shit — and powerful as shit, too. My world changed when I discovered hands-free orgasms thanks to two toys in this collection — the Dusk “butt plug” and Tango vibrator combined. Canadian toy company Fuze is known for their sleek, stylized silicone toys — many with innovative, curved bases for ergonomic harness use. A Fleshlight of your choice, donated by Dallas Novelty. If there’s anyone I trust to make a quality luxury cock ring, it’s We-Vibe. Win this prize and you can have whichever one you’d like, with special Epiphora-colored Swarovski crystal base.I am super impressed with this girthy toy from Fun Factory. Made of unbeatable dual-density silicone, the Mustang is a perfectly-shaped dildo that never disappoints. This silicone-dipped vibrator is disgustingly good at G-spotting.Incredibly powerful, flexible, and intuitive, the Big Boss G5 (with new and improved clicky buttons! This is Babeland’s exclusive version in striking black and pink! The drag of the silicone is amazing at replicating the “come hither” motion that G-spots love.

I’m giving away 80 of the best sex toys ever made, as judged by my discerning vagina. I love Peepshow’s commitment to body-safe products, and they stock a lot of my favorite things. The most water-resistant sex blanket available today.Reward isss great: big huge prize pack of human’s best favorite sexy toys. It is oversight.) To be eligible, you must become sneaky spy like me, member of CIA — Cat Intelligence Agency — for I have swiped human’s tiny dildos and stashed them throughout blog. The Self Delve toy of your choice, donated by Self Delve. Get something cool from this awesome indie silicone sex toy manufacturer.Using my clues, you must infiltrate blog, locate drop points, and recover dildos with corresponding secret code. Agents who find most codes will be entered to win grand prize pack! It’s fully adjustable to account for varying anatomies. A super pinpoint rechargeable vibrator — seriously, VERY PINPOINT — that impressed me so much with its stimulation I’m including it here before even reviewing it. Might I interest you in a fruit- or vegetable-shaped sex toy? Sex positions becoming infinitely better — and oh my god, easier — when you have a Wedge lying around. Note: Winner will be responsible for any customs/duties fees. They make whimsical designs like the Koala Kiss, colorful Hitachi replacement heads, and their own dual-density dildos (!!! The Spareparts Hardwear Tomboi or Tomboii, donated by Dallas Novelty. If you snuggle the base against someone’s body and suck on the tip, the suction transfers to the wearer’s genitals! The Womanizer of your choice, donated by Womanizer. The Eroscillator 2 Plus, donated by Pleasure Chest.A Vix Skin dildo of your choice, donated by Vixen Creations.Ooh, friend, if you haven’t experienced Vix Skin dual-density silicone yet, you must. Choose from any of Vixen’s amazing designs — my faves are the Buck, Mustang, and Maverick.Which will it be — a pony tail, a bunny tail, or a fluffy fur tail?

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