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As far as i know she remained on her own and became a farmer , dont know about now lost touch in the 70s .depends what we define someones sex by really.

You could probably argue that having one sex identity from birth would solve most of those issues.

From what i understand of genetics any featus with other combinations of genes is unlikely to survive pregnancy anyway.

Obviously genetics giving you the sex of a person merely means that "intersex" people are just deformed rather than a specific sex.

Id like to think i would consider them as the whole balance of thier characteristics not just thier specific genitalia, but being a hetrosexual person if there are not enough "female" features to trigger subconcious attraction then i doubt it could work.

There has to be that basic chemistry in my opinion for any relationship.

you would then carry the risk that the child grows up and identifys themself with the opposite sex to what was forced on them by surgery.

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