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According to the bill, the toolkit should include suggested training programs, guidance on developing instructional plans for students with dyslexia and other information related to using "multisensory approaches" to teaching language and reading skills.

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Other body camera recordings protected by the bill include footage that reveals the identity of witnesses or shows a public safety officer "carrying out duties directly related to the hospitalization of persons considered mentally ill." The bill lists other situations in which disclosure of footage should still be governed by the Kentucky Open Records Act, including when there is "a use of force" in an officer encounter.If a 17-year-old wishes to get married, the couple may petition the District Court by providing personal information about each intended spouse, a statement of the reasons for wishing to be married, evidence of maturity, proof of having completed high school and maintenance of stable housing or employment for at least three consecutive months before the petition, as well as copies of any criminal records and domestic violence orders involving both intended spouses.House Bill 84 requires coroners or medical examiners to provide information about a deceased person to the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates if the person's wish to be an organ donor is known and the body is suitable for medical transplant or therapy.To protect the identity of the people we serve, the NHTH does not disclose exact statistics related to venues, industries, or caller information when referenced fewer than three times.Cases categorized as “High” contain a high level of indicators of human trafficking.The bill allows fines to be imposed on retailers if they increase the price of goods more than 10 percent during emergencies.

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