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However, in my experience, I send routes not when I have flow, but when I am tired, drained, and angry.

It is interesting - on most my hardest projects, the day of flow, or 'subidon' in Spanish, I never sent - I got to a high point, I felt absorbed in the task, happy climbing better than ever, but I never sent.

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My Hollywood Threesome Aspiring actress Kenna has a good feeling about this trip.

It would seem that her reasons for this trip are becoming somewhat blurred, so when she is asked over for a drink, she doesn't have to think twice. Welcome to the Summer Vengeance series Tournament on Ultimate Surrender!

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The casting calls she has lined up are perfect for her but she just can't focus.

It is in an unconscious state that I fight to the last instant, forgetting issues of control, forgetting the fall, pushing through and up.

The psychologically draining part of projecting is the uncertainty - it can be today, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe next week.

Conditions become more important than food or fun or any other trivialities of life. Sometimes flow is on your side, and it feels incredible.

One can also err on the side of choosing hard projects, those that take countless goes, counting in weeks, months, or years.

I have always striven to overcome my (numerous) limitations, and projecting hard routes provides a means to do this in climbing.

And so it went this time - at the end of the day, after having climbed like a goddess to the highpoint of the day, and falling there once again, that I managed to overcome myself, to make the body go up while almost falling on the first crux, while the tendons screeched in pain, while the muscles refused to warm up.

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