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dreams, dreams, dreams ..." 'Not For You' includes, "small my table, seats all of you ..." 'Porch' is dedicated to "a young man named Sam." Returning for the encore, Ed mentions that last time they played outside and he remembers all the "freeloaders" on the hill."Now since you can get the music for free, you gotta pay to get in." 'Elderly Woman' is dedicated to anyone from Big Sandy (Jeff's original hometown).Ed returns to the stage alone at the start of the first encore and starts to sing a bit of 'Oh Canada.' "I'm waiting for a special guest ... You never go there and then when you do, you get up there and you go what the fuck is all this shit? Bill Gates to come to the show but he was busy (out shopping ..."the republican lobby") and jokes that he is going to buy Canada.'It Rains On Me' (a Tom Waits song) is tagged on 'Daughter,' with Ed inviting the crowd to sing.He introduces 'Present Tense' as a rarely played song that starts out with just "me and Mike." The rest of the band is off stage and they gradually join in.

Ed greets "our neighbors, Vancouver" after 'Corduroy.' 'Thumbing My Way' is played for Adam Kasper who drove up to see the show.and I think we're coming back in October to play with Neil." He mentions that the Dixie Chicks will be there, too and there is a mix of cheers and boos. you're a fucking pussy and I'll kick your ass." 'Crazy Mary' brings the energy level up, with a huge jam at the end (featuring dueling solos between Mike and Boom).An incredible 'Porch' features Mike wandering the stage, Ed running up the aisle to the 200 section and an interlude where Ed does some political speaking, including: "... let's have a preemptive strike against another four shitty years." At the end of 'Fuckin' Up,' Mike goes to get another guitar but that's the end of the show.05/28/03 - Adams Fieldhouse: Missoula, MT attendance: 7,000 support act: Idlewild set: Can't Keep, Last Exit, Do The Evolution, Save You, Ghost, Insignificance, Cropduster, Even Flow, Grievance, Wishlist, Not For You, Whipping, Corduroy, Brain Of J, Black, Better Man, Porch enc 1: Elderly Woman, Daughter, Crazy Mary, I Got Shit, Down, Glorified G, All Or None, Blood enc 2: Last Kiss, Know Your Rights, Alive enc 3: I Won't Back Down, Fortunate Son, Yellow Ledbetter notes: Ed greets the crowd after 'Can't Keep,' talking about how it is the first night out of the second leg of the longest tour they've done since they were in their early 20s and they thought Missoula would be a good pick where it "would go well" for the first night and that it is Jeff's hometown.After 'Ghost,' Ed speaks about a crew member (lighting guy, Sarge) who is in the reserves who got called to duty but was back on the tour again.I'll go back when I'm 41; and I'll learn what I want ...

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