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Collitz responded as below: Professor Collitz made only hand written notes.He designated the eight runes presented him as "Gothic Runes."He suggested that the 2nd from left rune appears most likely to be "i" or "J." He showed the eighth from left Rune as either "L" or "T."If the right side ending is DAL, that is proper Scandinavian spelling for what we would translate as, "Dale" or "Valley," but he also recognized potential for DAT, without recognition of peripheral engravings --which I later picture and discuss-- that could signify an ending on that right side of, "Date" or "Dates."Since I have identified --after years of study-- the Rune Engraver as La Salle Expedition member James or Jimmy (French, Gemme) Hiens, in 1687, one could think that Hiens may have been saying, "Gjome's (Jim's or Jimmy's) Valley (or, Date)." I believe he did intend that as to a portion of his message; however, he especially intended something else, involved with numerical value for first rune on the left, as I later discuss.Gloria Farley's home was at left side of this photo.

S." pinpointed what has alwaysbeen a substantial interpretation problem: The second and eighth (as they had been presented) runes --from left to right-- are from a different runic alphabet. S.should have been presented with nine runes, but C. Kemmerer, like many to follow him, overlooked the short stroke perpendicular runic "S" that is next to right hand side of the runic "M," as I later picture, illustrate, and dsicuss.

Christine Houser and Jennifer Woodard were then and still are best friends.

At that time, even though located only about 2 miles from downtown of little city of Heavener, the Runestone rested in boulder-strewn, brush and tree and briar surrounded, rattlesnake infested wilderness.

He told me that he was at that time the world's only University Professor actually offering a university course for study of ancient runic languages.

(I think he has since retired from those positions).

This picture was from about 1984-1985, With Christine Houser, Jennifer Woodard, Melissa Woodard, and Mary Kay Woodard.

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