Friends reunited dating site

Just as Rick and Ilsa will always have Paris, we will always have the treasured memory of that once new-fangled thing called a website in which we first discovered that old friends hadn't forgotten us after all, just as we hadn't forgotten them.

49 - Lancaster, Lancashire Dum Di Dum Di Dum Di Dum . The future is looking really good and it was the greatest spur of the moment decision to join.

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I know he wasn’t real, but the feelings were real to me.

“Not long ago, I was approached by the [new] Friends Reunited owners to see if I wanted to take it back and try some new projects with it,” Steve Pankhurst wrote in his email.

“[But] for the site to continue it needs a complete rewrite and this is just not viable.

For many of us, it had been some time since we had even thought of it, much less revisited it.

There were by now other ways to “deja-date”, and not all of them were via Tinder.

Social networking was not even a term anyone used, but Friends Reunited grew very quickly to become one of the largest sites in the UK.” It did. In a newly technological era where no one, not even JR Hartley, used the phone book anymore, it took full advantage of the internet's ability to shrink the world until it was within everyone's grasp, and for a few years it managed, organised and compartmentalised our collective memory.

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