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Nowadays, it’s likely that expats will search outside the workplace to meet people and make new friends in Hong Kong.

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the busiest tourist areas in Hong Kong, which attracts expats seeking a slice of Western life.

The amalgamation of cultures and religions in Hong Kong has bred a very particular national philosophy.

Learning how Hong Kong works is essential for your relationship building, whether you’re finding friends or looking for love.

As an extension of this, conversation with locals in Hong Kong can be a very different experience.

It’s not uncommon for Westerners to tell friends that they miss them, like them, love them even; but words are a lot more literal in traditional Chinese culture.

Near Lan Kwai Fong is the Soho District; the area is popular with locals who have studied at international schools or abroad.

If wining and dining isn’t your thing, then your best option will be to get involved with the Hong Kong clubs and societies culture.

If your Chinese partner tells you that they miss you or like you, they may have singled you out as a spouse.

Having dinner at your partner’s parent’s house in the Western world might not be a big deal – it probably means that you’re not embroiled in a temporary fling but it’s far from an indication of what’s to come.

There are some important differences in the dating culture of Hong Kong, and if you’re intending to date locals then it would be wise to brush up on the local customs.

You might find the concept of ‘casual dating’ a little hard to come by in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong used to be the breeding ground for wealthy businessmen and women, flown out to take control of their company’s international relations.

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