Funny headline for online dating profile

You used the "up for anything" in opening...repeating it seems like no direction so whole thing should go. The format of the profile needs to be simplified and follow a basic structure. Opening line, you have a great one Basic facts about you Basic facts on what your looking for...mention of money, stable career, good with kids none of it.I enjoy big family gatherings or large groups of laughing friends or intimate evenings alone getting close. One full body shot and one of you actively doing something...hiking would be good. Here is the truth...generally pick who they will contact by pictures alone and then they look at the profile as a way in. Just I am looking for an active guy, great sense of humor and so on.She is friendly, simple, trust-able and broad-minded girl.An introvert, hardly make friends And also people say that I cook well and that's a plus: On Vivastreet you can search among hundreds of classified ads which offer beautiful women and men looking for a date throughout the whole of India. Those who are interested,kindly contact over phone.I'm looking for someone who enjoys a little bit of everything. The part about about old fashioned and making dinner for the first time I read it came across as you don't want to work and would be happy to be a stay at home wife.

Full body are one in 2007 captioned new house with my dog (now deceased), one is as Flo from Progressive a few years ago and the other (attached) is Halloween as a bunny dressed up as a playboy bunny (I thought it was witty!As much as I love my career, I'm old fashioned enough that I'm looking for someone I can greet at the door and make dinner for (or with).I'm not a huge sports fan but happy to bring a drink and a snack while you watch the game - I might even watch as long as it's the Panthers! I think attitude is everything, and mine is a positive one.Insha Allah,awaiting to take up next stage of my life.Male 27 - 36 for Marriage Kindly spare time to read my profile in full.Alhamdullilah in that sense, I am actually blessed with 2 mothers in my life.

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