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Last year when they retreated to the Pocono Mountains to start writing “Hot Mess,” almost all of the electronic tracks they emerged with ended up being the final cut for the record.“When we got to the studio, all the electronic stuff was kept from the mountains.We just had to re-track drums and vocals – that’s about it,” Suarez said.For “The World Will Never Do,” the band also teamed up with a then somewhat-unknown rapper – B.o.B , who has since blown up on both i Tunes and Billboard charts.“We had the song written and were thinking we should have someone put a rap down.

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She was the keytarist of Cobra Starship until their split in November 2015, and is currently recording as a solo artist under the name Vicky-T.

“It’s just so we can get ideas down and then we’ll go into properly recording the album after the tour,” Suarez said.

The demo stage has proven to be pretty close to the end result for Cobra though.

With any luck, you can expect a new Cobra album by early next year.

In the mean time, you can catch them on the Too Fast 4 Love tour which rolls through Boston thus Sunday, May 9 at the House of Blues.

The video stars British socialite Peaches Geldof and has an artsy, old-time movie feel which is a different direction for Cobra Starship, but characteristic of their desire to always think outside the box.“[Carter] just called us up and asked to do the video and we agreed,” said Suarez. I like the sparkles.”Currently the boys and keytarist Vicky-T are out on the road co-headlining the Too Fast 4 Love tour with 3OH!

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