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” The answers the more veteran members of the group gave were just too good to keep to myself!

That’s why, on this very special 50th episode of the Beginner’s Garden Podcast, I share 15 tips that these gardeners shared with the group, along with my thoughts on each piece of advice.

Keep your view on the long-term — enjoying a plentiful harvest and a rewarding experience year after year.

On the flip side, maybe you have extra time or extra space.

So enjoy what works and adjust what doesn’t for next season. It’s better to start small and have some success than to start too big and throw in the towel.

It’s easy to get discouraged when we see Instagram photos of beautiful, perfectly manicured gardens, but understand you’re seeing the highlights. One reason why starting small is such a great idea is that when you tend to a small garden that’s doable for you, it will motivate you to do more!

So if you have plans for any of the perennial crops like these, make plans to get them in your garden.

The last thing you want to do is lose your well-tended seedlings (or your expensive transplants) in one night!

This is good advice for any perennial plant that takes a few years to begin bearing.

Click below to listen or read the highlights in the blog post below.

Fear of failure prevents a lot of people from starting a garden, I think. It’s easy to want to plan a big garden, planting everything you can dream of.

But, having some experience, you can add on with care and strategy.

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