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If you’re in Pattaya (with a limited choice of escort services) and order professional Bangkok escort girls to come and pamper you in Pattaya (not a bar lady that freelances for an agency and pays her own bar fine to come and see you) additional costs for travel expenses may apply.

You’ll find some useful tips on how to find the right agency and some typical Do’s and Don’ts of seeing Thai escort girls further below on this page.

With internet access available even in the most remote villages these days, thousands of Thai girls who seek a guy for (paid or non-paid) casual encounters will now routinely use messaging apps, social networking and dating sites, rather than work as a hostess in a bar.

Sure, if you’re tired of extortionate bar girls providing less than mediocre services, the popular Thai Friendly dating community or the long-established Thai Cupid site might be genuine alternatives.

On the other hand, many foreign (sex) tourists, too, are increasingly fed up with the often less than mediocre services provided by many bar girls these days, and we don’t just mean between the sheets.

Many seem to be just doing the job because they can’t find anything else.

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Just a decade ago, single Thai girls would hardly use dating sites to hook up with foreign guys.But especially if you’re ready to pay a bit extra you have the right to expect outstanding services.Granted, first-rate escort girls in Pattaya or Bangkok can be relatively expensive, with rates starting at no less than 4,000 to 5,000 Baht. Most escort agencies run their own websites with photo galleries and elaborate profiles of their girls, listing in detail the services they offer (typically using special acronyms that we’ll explain in more detail at the bottom of this page).Escort agencies have virtually sprung up like mushrooms in recent years, particularly in Bangkok. Well, it’s obviously a natural response to increased demand from both sides – service providers and customers.Base wages are low in bars and business is nowhere near what it used to be.But apologies, if street hookers at 500 Baht “short time” are your answer to horny – there’s no point in reading any further.

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