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That is why gay men don't get fat, because if they don't have pecs, guns and glutes, they're going home alone."In the end, of course we should all strive to accept our bodies as they are and build up enough confidence to say "fuck it" when someone fails to reciprocate our interest on a dating app. The habit of conflating validation from others with our own self-worth is a hard one to break.

Instead of confronting our self-esteem issues head-on, it can be much easier to keep cutting the carbs and hitting the gym in hopes that the privilege of having an in-shape body will just make all our problems go away.

While gay and lesbian people are as diverse as the rest of the population, their shared experience of discrimination creates common health issues.

Australian society generally regards heterosexuality as the most acceptable sexual orientation, which means that gay men, lesbians and bisexual people may be marginalised and discriminated against.

mehr Wer auf seinen Körper und seine Gesundheit achtet und gerne Sex mit wechselnden Partnern hat, sollte unbedingt den Fokus auf die sexuelle Gesundheit erhöhen.

Dazu gehört auch ein regelmäßiger Check auf sexuell über...

"Gay men are afraid that they will be alone for the rest of their lives.

If a gay man is not 'serving body' while competing to find a trick or boyfriend in one of the more muscle-bound climates of gay culture, he will be sorely shut out.

These options included "thin," "overweight," "jacked," "a little extra" (whatever that means) and "rather not say."I was 6'3'' and 170 pounds.

Transgender and intersex people may also experience marginalisation and discrimination in relation to their health and wellbeing.

Intersex refers to a biological condition where a person is born with reproductive organs and/or sex chromosomes that are not exclusively male or female. A 2008 study of 390 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) Victorians found that nearly one in seven reported living in fear of homophobic violence.

This fear was justified in that nearly 85 per cent of respondents had been subjected to some form of homophobic violence or harassment in their lifetimes and one in two had experienced homophobic harassment or other non-physical abuse in the past two years.

In eighty-five per cent of cases, violence and harassment were preceded or accompanied by homophobic language.

mehr Britney Spears gab ihren Fans mit einem provokativen Trailer einen Vorgeschmack auf ihr neues Unisex-Parfüm.

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