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Gipson said agriculture has always been important to him. His goals include: Gipson said his plans for this year will include a Mississippi farm tour to meet working farmers."I will be planting seeds of opportunity," Gipson said.

"This is a bullet that will fit our gun," Gipson said enthusiastically.

Someone favourite things to do well ilike to go for long walks in the country spend time with my friends when i can. I love sports, music, movies, traveling, etc I am a very cool and laid back type female. My name's Shawna, and I've just turned eighteen as of recently.

i like to read ride my motorbike but its just a little one lol go clubbing every now an then cook for other people learn new things Hi! i dont go to clubs, drink socially,and i don't smoke. I'm 28, married with 3 kids and I'm hoping to complete my circle of lovev with a bestie with benefits. Age is nothing but a number to me, and I'm not looking to relocate.

Well what I will tell you is that I am a student majoring in early childhood education and hope to own my very My name is Chasity.

I am actually married, but girls are the ones that really make me happy!!

🏳️‍🌈 Watch the LGBTQ leaders involved in the #Logo30 campaign recount their first time at Pride and the impact it had on their lives.

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