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Amanda Grabham, head of brand marketing for alcohol at SHS Drinks, says 18 to 24-year-olds are less restrained by family and work commitments, and therefore are more likely to benefit from extended university or college vacations, and consequently more time to enjoy socialing - and drinking - with friends.

In 2017, Bud Light re-entered the UK market, 16 years after the US brand’s previous ill-fated launch.What’s more, no- and low-alcohol wine now accounts for 47.4% of revenue share of the total light and fruity category, with sales up 7.8% of revenue for no/low abv wines from last year (Nielsen MAT 24 February 2018).Heineken has found that 34% of consumers limit calories and this is why Heineken 0.0, at just 69 calories, is a great option for them.“There’s never been a greater desire amongst consumers to live better and so we have to provide products that allow them to make these healthy lifestyle choices,” says Ford.He adds that Heineken is working to offer more low- and no-alcohol options, such as its new Old Mout zero alcohol.The brand is also working to promote and dial up its products’ quality ingredients and heritage to improve shopper perceptions.Aleksandrina Yotova, consumer analyst at Global Data, says: “Over a third (35%) of UK consumers associate ‘healthy’ with ‘low-calorie’, according to our 2017 Q4 survey.

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