Girl charlie sheen was dating pornstar

Charlie Sheen's girlfriends, ex-girlfriends and current goddesses.

All of his past and present hookups, flings and relationships are listed here.

But it's probably Charlie who's been living it up with these topless — yes, topless — ladies!

Charlie Sheen has apparently found himself one, two, and THREE porn stars to keep him company! Reportedly known as his “Angels,” Charlie’s girlfriends, JL, JJ, and CS, have been enjoying some vacation time with the actor in Hawaii!

Charlie Sheen's retired porn star ex-girlfriend Bree Olson claims she could be making almost a million dollars a year if she went back to making porn movies.Click through our gallery to see who Charlie Sheen has slept with over the years and see who may or may not have been exposed to the virus.In addition, you can check out some of Sheen's other exes below: Sheen and Ryder both appeared in the movie The two are said to have briefly dated.In a black and white video posted this week by Real Women Real Stories, which describes itself as "a unique project curated by men with the goal of embracing women who are silent in their pain but want to speak out," Olson talks about how being a former sex worker has impacted her future career path and how much she could be earning if she just went back to the porn industry." I gave up between ,000 and ,000 a month," she states.Amazingly, Charlie Sheen has never had a celeb sex tape surface, but with this roster of beautiful, high-profile women he's been attached to, there seems no doubt that Sheen will someday end up on the list of celebrity sex tapes himself, but for now, it's just Charlie and the goddesses, minus the celeb sex tape.

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