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The thing about Rockstar Games is that it’s incredibly secretive.No trailer is getting out of that game studio unless someone seriously screwed up.For our money, we think a return to Vice City is on the cards, which would tie in to the 70s setting rumor mentioned above.

But there’s also another rumour that’s gathering strength, which would put GTA 6 a little closer to Rockstar Games’ British home – a London setting.We just hope it sorts them into some kind of organised system and gets that game to us sharpish.Although there haven’t been any concrete reports as yet, every online titbit and juicy gossip morsel is pointing towards GTA 6’s map being absolutely massive.It states that an inside source has told it that GTA 6 is coming in 2021/2022 and is being developed under the code name Project Americas.The reason for this code name is apparently because players will be able to fly between the US and South America in the game, though the majority of the action will take place in the former.The reports actually started with a comment from Rockstar Games’ co-founder Dan Houser:“At the moment, it feels like GTA’s DNA is contemporary-ish, American-ish, English-speaking-ish, because that’s what it has been…

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