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On this page you will find a diversity of places where you can get back in touch with nature and gain new experiences, skills and inspiration.

You will find organic gardens, nature retreats, strawbale homes, wilderness trips, solar power, ecovillages, permaculture and more.

Year-round calendar of events, workshops, courses and retreats.

Workshops include: Living Off The Grid; Strawbale Construction; Permaculture Fundamentals Course.

We have purchased a 190 acre farm near Caledon, northwest of Toronto. View recent messages from the e-mail list: (near Orangeville) Nestled among the Niagara Escarpment hills, adjacent to the beautiful Bruce Trail.

More information: of Toronto) A group of people from a variety of backgrounds, singles and families who have come together to build an ecovillage in conjunction with a biodynamic farm.

Workshops, guided walks & tours: Prairie, Meadow, Wetland, Wet Meadow Restoration; Gardening with Native Plants & Wildflowers; Natural Landscaping.

Internships (biodiversity, horticulture & restoration ecology). South of Woodstock near Long Point on Lake Erie, in southwestern Ontario.

Rental facilities: in our natural rustic setting, groups may run their own programs, workshops & seminars.

In the Hockley Valley, near Orangeville, 50km north of Toronto Airport. Ignatius Farm has been under the management of the Canadian Jesuits since 1913, encompassing a variety of activities, including organic livestock and apple production, and a retreat centre.

Annual series of solar & wind power workshops in their renewable energy cottage, powered by wind & sun. Everdales mission is to provide hands-on, solution-based food and farming education to build and engage healthy local communities.

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