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© CI/Photo by John Martin In partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), we are working to deliver a groundbreaking study of food and agriculture in the Rupununi.The study will extend beyond the assessment of enterprise potentials of Rupununi agriculture to analyse vulnerability as well as food and nutrition security. A USI is a student reference number held by only one person - ever. A USI enables efficient access, storage and retrieval of information by students, faculty and administration.

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Also, the population of offenders is much larger than we ever imagined, according to Ernie Allen, Chairperson of the International Advisory Board of the United Kingdom Initiative We PROTECT.

The strategy involves designing and pilot testing innovations for climate-resilient, sustainable business models for community tourism and agriculture.

At least 23 community-based enterprises will benefit directly, impacting some 42% of the region’s total population.

Participatory value chain analysis and market potential assessments are being conducted in collaboration with Practical Action-Latin America; and, through collaboration with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, an innovative “State of Food and Agriculture” study is being conducted to evaluate the region’s contribution to food, income and employment.

The project provides on-the-ground support in business planning, financial management, tourism and agriculture services.

We are working together with communities and other key development and business partners to enable the growth of sustainable local enterprises that are necessary for the medium- to long-term sustainable development of the region.

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