Harshad chopda aditi gupta dating


HARSHAD CHOPRA is one of the most popular face in Telly world and has immense popularity amongst the females.Chocolate faced actor is all set to return to the fascinating world of glamour and glitz with “Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava”. Recently, Harshad revealed that he is madly in love with someone and it is none other than Sriti.They have been spending a lot of time together on and off the sets, including their makeup rooms, as some sources close to them reveal.Adorable actor takes up the random quick grills: One person whom you like to date from this industry? I shall stay the way I am (laughs) One actor you'd like to exchange your wardrobe with? Kunal Kapoor calls me ‘Gawar’ and one of my friend calls me ‘Gondiya’. I tend to irritate people because I am stubborn when I am convinced.I wanted to date Divya Bharti, I really loved her when I was young, was devastated when she died. Rumours irritates me because it means that some of my fans and friends must think I'm lying. It’s one of my favorite things to do and can't live without. I think everybody's got better choice of dressing than me. There are so many (laughs) Which part of your body do you treasure the most? That I don't pick up the phone One word that describe your personality? If you ask Aasiya Kazi to describe me in one word, she would say ‘Thinker’. I believe in this: either convince me, or get convinced by me.

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They are all set to rejoice that special day in their own way.

I also like Kajol’s softness and her smile, she is too brilliant I respect her a lot. I believe Journalists need to be reminded of their role to provide accurate, reliable and timely news about actors. Eyes, because they never lies and it reflects what you're within. If you could invite one actor over dinner, who could it be?

I hate when someone starts a baseless rumor like I am dating or can't stand my co-star etc. Rajeev Khandelwal and his wife Manjiri, they recently started their new journey of marriage filled with love.

Harshad: Off course I do remember, how I can forget the date. Why would I destroy what I earned in years with my own hands? While she was free I was busy with Dharampatni, and when now I am free and she is shooting round the clock for her show.

I always remember the dates on which my entry is aired. I am sure Harshiti(Harshad-Additi) fans will go weak in the knees, when they see you back together. Harshad: Indeed, Additi and Harshad coming together is a rare event, I want to cherish that moment and desperately craving for it.

‘Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil’ (3rd March, 2008 to 5th February, 2010) was a beautiful romantic story with touchy screenplay, marvelous performance and amazing cinematography.

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