Hospitable accomodating

As such, the term has word use as a noun, verb, and adjective.The goal of accommodating (meaning to accommodate — used as a verb) is to let everyone’s needs be met in a social group.

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You lovely premises along with your hospitality made our retreat all the more enjoyable Best wishes and god bless, Comment: Our stay at Auberge was amazing. Views out to surroundings from our room were beautiful. In theory, it’s typically supposed to refer to a pro-social term, but when a Cluster B thinker or Narcissistic Abuse Enabler hears the term, they tend to take it out of context, striving to get their targeted gaslighting victims to believe that tolerating or willingly facilitating their own abuse is the same thing as being a gracious host, an accommodating person, or an unconditionally loving person, romantic partner, or family member. Bear with us while we get a bit wordy and wax poetic and philosophical about the misappropriation of the term accommodation by psychologists, special Education is the propagation of a set of beliefs, or "Propaganda." It is the nurture part of human socialization, meaning the collected body of knowledge a person gleans over the course of a lifetime -- not simply related to academics specifically.Individuals who cling doggedly to belief systems they were taught at home by family, by religious structures, in public or private school settings, and throughout academic and corporate or work culture cling to patterns.We had a very pleasant two-day stay and very much enjoye our stress free time.Aletha & Ed you guys are very accomodating & considereate.A family may offer accommodations to an out of town traveller by offering them the opportunity to stay in their guest room, for instance, making the room geography coupled with their willingness to welcome the guest and show hospitality a Platonic word form “ACCOMMODATION” a token notion coupling a physical area with a vibe, spirit, or essence of gracious welcoming implied in its essence.

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