How long have bosco and myolie been dating

The majority of her earning comes from her music and acting career.

Last night he said he would go to the bathroom if I win this award. I know I have many flaws, and they are hard to bear. Myolie received a hug from Bosco and at one point kept crying in his arms.Later returned to Hong Kong and studied the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology majoring in Biochemistry.During Wu's first year in university, she took part in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1999 and was second runner-up.He specialises in tailoring evening gowns for his clients, and each piece costs at least HK,000 to HK,000.For the past two years, Kev has been customising evening gowns for Myolie.My Favorite TV Actress winner, Myolie Wu is a Hong Kong actress and singer. She is Guangdong Taishan ancestry and holds Hong Kong nationality.

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