Hulusi dating

How much of the billions and billions of activities going on in his body does he have insight into? ) over a thousand years ago, as the manifestation of Allah’s attribute of knowledge from the essence of the universe...

They said the First Intellect, or Universal Intelligence in today’s terminology, is involved in every movement of every form of existence within the universe... When some scientist talks about Creative Intelligence and Intelligent Design the whole world is shaken up!

"Akar is the highest ranking military officer in the Turkish military.

In a Turkish village, doomed to be flooded by the construction of a dam, an unemployed widower wants to celebrate the birthday of his child, who dreams of flying like Spiderman.

And this is why many years ago I had said “Our brain is our micro-cosmos”.The concept referenced by the word Quran in “ taught the Quran” is not the same concept we gather from the ‘holy book’ we hold in our hands today.The Quran in this verse is a reference to the code of the primary operating system with which Allah created the cosmos, or the Primary Book.Every iota within the cosmos at every instance manifests the knowledge of Allahin different guises, through which the attribute of will transforms into power to create every single unit of existence!Although the genetic code of an ape is very similar to humans, the advanced apes, whether we call it mutation or an angelic effect, ultimately the divine knowledge has formed on earth a species from nothing called ‘man.’ In fact, ‘declaration’ was the driver of this formation.Since man also exists with the same system he has been defined as the twin brother or the micro of the macro universe and has been referenced synonymously with the Book revealed to him.

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