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Meanwhile, Wattpad’s Tap app entered this market in February, where it competes with higher-ranking apps, Hooked and Yarn – now the #79 and #106 free apps across the entire App Store, respectively.

We found that age two and a half was a bit young for these apps, but by age three, many children could start to use these apps with some assistance.(A tap being the way you interact with the story to reveal the next line of text.) With the introduction of Tap Originals, Wattpad is partnering with some of its top-tier writers on a commission basis in order to produce stories told in this new format across genres like suspense, horror and drama. Instead, a new chapter will be released each week that continues the saga – something that makes the Tap Originals seem more like episodes of a TV show.The concept for Tap Originals comes from the fact that we use our phones to communicate in other ways, beyond just texting.Cheesman’s App Chat: Games to Boost Math Skills Dr.Cheesman is an associate professor at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.Most four- and five-year-olds can use the apps independently after just a bit of instruction.

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