Illicit encounters dating


Finally, the user is offered the exclusive power to multiply his chances of finding love through the orientation on other sites if already registered or wants more contact.If the terms and conditions are not complied with, the member is informed by email of the rejection of the profile and is proposed to modify it.With the facebook connect application the fields to be completed will be automatically filled with the information taken from the user facebook account, under his sole responsibility.The use of the facebook connect application is a simple technical feature provided to the user to facilitate his/her registration and complete the registration fields for the service: facebook connect is a third party service to the service and 2L Multimedia does not in any way guarantee the correct operation and reliability of the information obtained through that application.

In all cases where access is free, either partial or total, 2L Multimedia reserves the right to modify it both for conditions of access and financial terms of the service.The member may end using the service but remains responsible for any anterior use.Members can access archived terms of use upon request by e-mail at: [email protected] online terms and conditions on the platform prevail on any earlier printed version.2L Multimedia has developed an online dating service.2L Multimedia therefore provides an online platform to visitors, where they can communicate amongst them and therefore plays the role of technical service provider.It also means that an account must be created on that platform to enable the application download.

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