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It’s where you need to be if you want to build new business connections and relationships, and it’s been that way since 2002.

It’s especially important for fresh workers in the workforce.

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Cartoon Network ™ and © 2018 Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited. Of the 400 million users on Linked In, 39 million are students and recent college graduates, and that number is still growing.Not only that, but consider the fact that millionaires prefer Linked In over all social networks except Facebook. For whatever reason, women love Pinterest while men despise it.5. Everyone knows that Google is the most-visited website in the world, but no one would blame you if you thought You Tube came in second.If you aren’t connected already, you’ll probably be hooked in come 2016.2.For younger users, Instagram is more important than Facebook and Twitter. And while Instagram might be the hippest site around, there’s evidence to suggest that its days may already be over as younger users start flocking to even newer social media outlets like Snapchat and Vine.3.Anyway, if this came as a shock to you, check out these other surprising statistics about online dating.8.

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