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One way of softening the look is to incorporate some texture, which works especially well with wavy hair.Naturally, though, some elements will need to remain the same.“It’s still got to be high and tight!Military proponents will tell you that placing a hand flat on top of your head and shaving anything not covered by it is the only method that creates a true high and tight, but in recent years things have thankfully become a little more refined.Sported by the likes of Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds, this no-bullshit style has been brought up to date with modern variants such as increased length on top, slicked-back styling and skilfully executed skin fades.Finish with a matte paste to create separation and natural texture.”The style that started it all is simple, clean and effective.It requires minimal upkeep and has an air of authority about it.Favoured for its no-fuss nature and the fact that the patch of hair on top could safely accommodate a combat helmet while maintaining a shaven look at the sides, the high and tight became one of the accepted military regulation cuts shortly after the Second World War.

“Take a look on Instagram for a high and tight and a curly crop and show them both pictures, explaining how you want to join them together,” he says.“To style, use good pre-styler, like a salt spray or a gel, then use a diffuser on the end of your hair dryer to maintain that movement in the hair.The angular fringe was an emerging trend among male fashion models in 2014, and it was so widely popular, we are certain it will become a widely popular trend among all men in 2017.This look is achieved with tapered sides, but keeps the top layer long and cut at angle.What was once a hallmark of conformity is now quite the opposite.Like so many things in fashion – chinos, peacoats, bomber jackets – the high and tight haircut has its roots planted firmly in the military.It looks great on all face shapes, but is best suited for men with a round face.

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