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People with the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD) face some of the harshest stigma in the mental health community.

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The course material is based on the FDA guideline 'Investigating Out-of-Specification (OOS) Test Results for Pharmaceutical Production', October 2006 and MHRA guidance published in 2012.

When a child grows up in an abusive environment that doesn’t meet his or her normal emotional and physical developmental needs, the child may learn to resort to “crafty” and indirect techniques to get what they need to survive.

Unfortunately, these learned behaviors in a child’s formative years can create problems in adulthood when the child finally leaves the harmful environment they grew up in.

We asked members of our BPD community to explain the behaviors they engage in that are commonly viewed as “manipulative” to shed some light on why they really aren’t manipulative at all.

Regardless of intention, engaging in some of these “crafty” or disordered behaviors to get needs met can be damaging and painful to both people with BPD and the people who love them.

The word “manipulation” implies skillful and malicious intent, but more often than not, these behaviors are usually just desperate, unskilled attempts by someone with BPD to get emotional needs met that were neglected in an abusive or invalidating upbringing.

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