Is damon fizzy dating taylor swift are zac efron and vanessa still dating 2016


YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Sophia Tomlinson, 20, an extremely popular You Tuber. Now, I don’t usually shop at Whole Foods, but Joey wants me to pick up some stuff for him, he's sick. I pick up what he usually eats and take them to him. I blindfold the girls and we get to my house with 10 minutes to spare. When they get out, there is a red carpet, and photographers! They pose and walk down the red carpet, into the building. Once their hair is all ready, (Avia has a Updo, and I did Emmi's hair as more of a ombre, and fishtail braided it.) "Alright girls. " The obviously pick singing, so they each get a Solo song, then I made them sing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" as a duet. She's never had a boyfriend before, so when she starts dating Damon Fizzy, will he be a good example, or leave her scared of relationships? I tell them to sit on the couch, and wait until the surprise gets here. Inside the building, theres a recording studio and a stage. Once they are done, They model and I take a BUNCH of photos of them. I get home, and go to sleep, thinking about how good of a day it has been.

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