Is dean cain dating anyone right now


"This sensibility is what causes director Lance Dreesen and Randy and Christel Simpkins to describe Dean as "a regular guy," He recognizes the value of the team he chose to work with on this film and compares it to an athletic team."I'm an athlete, and as an athlete playing football, which I did forever, you could be a superstar, but you're not going to do anything with that without the rest of your teammates. "As an actor, you can get great acclaim and adulation, but if you lose your sense of humbleness, it gets ridiculous.

"As a parent, you see a situation like this, and it's a very familiar feeling.

When he was a boy, his parents were there most of the time, something he appreciated greatly and carries into his life now. I'm there, 100% committed, but when I'm done, I want to get out of there and get to my family.

That's something I consider with every opportunity.

In season 4, Supergirl will add another former Smallville regular to its line-up.

Sam Witwer, who played David Bloome in season 8 (spoilers: he turned out to be the human form of Kryptonian monster Doomsday), has been hired as Agent Liberty, a new villain said to be portrayed as an anti-alien hatemonger.

I don't know if that makes it easier or a little more difficult.

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