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She was in shock and kept repeating reassurances to herself: "It's a dream, everything's okay." Although still captive and dependent, much of the time, she criticized Nick for his poor love-making techniques and performance. She would continue to scorn and emasculate him with denouncements of his manhood, although eventually taught him (with limbs in a dream sequence) how a woman should be loved: A woman is something soft; something warm when you feel her. [Early Spoiler: She was in her own apartment.] Afterwards, as she fled in a disturbed state, she crashed head-on into a cab (seen multiple times in slo-motion), and afterwards in a hospital, she experienced substantial memory loss about the crash ("psychological scars"). Robert Zachman (Ulrich Thomsen), she stated that she could only remember "fragments." She saw that there was a strange dripping leak from the ceiling of his bathroom. Tug tried to shoot his way out when the police got there. Laura had also urged Emily to tell Tug that she was pregnant with Tug's child, supposedly to "soften him up," but it had the opposite effect.

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Above ground, horny and lustful scavenging loner Vic (Don Johnson) used his wise-cracking telepathic dog partner-companion Blood (voice of Tim Mc Intire) to find solo females for him to rape. However, his ideal perfect world was revealed to be a self-deluding illusion or fantasy. Suddenly, Sam was triumphantly rescued by a band of commandos led by terrorist Archibald "Harry" Tuttle (Robert De Niro), a renegade (free lance) air-conditioning engineer, and Sam appeared to be reunited with his dream girl Jill in a happy ending, as they drove away from the city. He was targeted after attempting to manipulate and falsify her records so that she wouldn't be arrested as a suspected underground accomplice of a terrorist. Oh, hell, it wasn't my fault she picked me to get all wet-brained over."He often dreamed of a life in which he could leave the reality of his totalitarian-authoritarian society and fly away (as a winged superhero) with dream girl Jill Layton (Kim Greist) (in real-life, a truck driver), after rescuing her from a giant, Samurai warrior.However, he was still entranced by vivacious, unattainable, bitchy and libertine neighbor Helena (Sherilyn Fenn). The Film's Premise: The Breaking of a Mirror Allowed a Person's Mirror Image to Enter a Gateway Into the World, Kill, and Then Replace the Person With a 'Mirror Image' Doppelganger; The Real Gina Mc Vey Met Up With Her Doppelganger in Her Pembridge House Apartment, Where She Was Murdered and Replaced by Her Clone; A Traumatic Car Accident Caused the Double To Have Fragmented Memories and Believe She Was the Real Gina For Much of the Film Writer/director Sean Ellis' metaphysical (or existential) horror-thriller has been compared to Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970, UK), and Mirrors (2008).

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