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” In Jamaican culture, honesty is soooooo important, and it is expected. Our mindset on bad breath, body odor, or food stuck in between the teeth etc is…its better somebody you know telling you, rather than somebody you don’t know, having to tell you. Cause if someone you don’t know has to tell you have food stuck in between your teeth, then the embarrassment level is very high.

So, always tell your Jamaican man, if he needs hygiene or grooming, then give him a kiss, for a job well done.

So be sure to keep your body clean, and smelling fresh, many Jamaican men will appreciate it.

As black people, we tend to have a very low threshold of when we sweat, and when that sweat starts to “stink!Be honest about your feelings, (sad, lonely, unattractive, like crying etc) Don’t let this result in a long discussion you are just informing him.2) If he does the same thing a second time. This action must cause him some pause, and cause him to reconsider what he is doing to you. He wants you, so be yourself and don’t try to act black.Men Love Women for who they are not who they Would like to be.TCC is provided by Real Inc, doing business as Christian Cafe.com, located at 18478 Ninth Line, Mount Albert, ON, Canada, L0G 1M0.This is a legal agreement ("Agreement") between you and TCC.Keep the house clean as a Jamaican woman would do…Always keep the house clean. If he is with you and you are not Jamaican, but can still keep house like a Jamaican woman, you score points big time. We Jamaicans put a huge emphasis on personal hygiene. We believe (as Jamaicans) that the anatomy of a woman, means she must take special care to be and stay clean, especially between the crevices.

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