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If you are in doubt about the appropriate province or region in which to apply, you may contact the General Secretary who will decide on the basis of available evidence.Applicants currently studying at a Canadian university can choose to apply in either their province of residence or in the province where their university is located.

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This selection committee will consider applicants from the ACT and other territories of the Commonwealth, as well as those candidates nominated by state selection committees.

The first Canadian Rhodes Scholars took up residence in Oxford in 1904, and since that time over a thousand Canadians have been awarded the Scholarship.

There are six regional committees in Canada responsible for the selection of eleven Scholars annually across the country: Three Scholarships to - The Prairie Region (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta) Two Scholarships each to - Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Region (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) One Scholarship each to - British Columbia & Newfoundland Candidates may compete in a province or region prescribed under either (a) or (b) below: a) The province or region in which you are ordinarily resident.

Nominating universities need to submit a nomination form, please click here.

Opening date for nominations: May 2018Closing date for nominations: 31 July 2018 Deadline for candidate applications: midnight, GMT, 31 August 2018 Contacts: Global Scholarship candidates: [email protected] universities: [email protected] Each year, there are five Scholarships available for India.

Have you read carefully the detailed Information for Candidates specific to the country/region to which you are applying?

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