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This year for school I chose a cute 50s housewife look which I planned to enhance, at least for my own enjoyment if not anyone else's, with sexy lingerie and thigh highs underneath...

and feeling a bit wild and frisky I decided not to wear any panties...

The night always ends the same way, with my being bent over the kitchen counter and being fucked by my husband.

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Summary: Student turns teacher into cum addicted slut for the day.She welcomed the guys inside and let them know that she was home alone.While on break, the guys are comparing notes and they realize that Moka has been flirting with them both. When Moka overhears their convo, she takes matters into her own hands, along with both their cocks. She doesnt care, she just wants to get fucked hard.Note 1: This is a Halloween 2017 Contest Story so please vote.Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, thor_p, and Wayne for editing. My holiday begins at the high school where I love seeing the creativity of my students, although that creativity sometimes goes overboard with some outfits that are way too revealing... Of course as their math teacher I have to pour cold water on such playfulness, even though secretly I take note of some of their best extravagances to utilise myself on more selective occasions.They convince a mutual friend Jason Brown to help her out.

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