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And for that reason, Natalie received zero votes at the final tribal, and finished third.Something that is extremely impressive about Natalie is that she’s a professional dancer, and a member of the Los Angeles Clippers Dance Squad.When they brought her back for a third season, she went on a challenge winning spree, and her story was looking good – until she got voted out yet again.People have always loved watching this stunning young lady compete in Survivor, and it didn’t take long for it to translate in the real world as well.Not only did she appear on one of the most famous seasons, The Australian Outback, but she was also the sole survivor of Survivor: All Stars.Finally, her victory on All Stars was very much in thanks to her strong alliance with Rob Mariano – and when we say alliance, we mean that they had struck up something of a romance – and eventually got married.But Survivor is just as much, if not more, a social game that relies on your ability to not get voted out by the rest of your tribe – and most of these cunning young women, well – they are the best of the best.

Being the last Kucha member around, the remaining Survivors sent her sailing, but fans never forgot Elisabeth.Natalie’s time on Survivor is one of those stories that are kind of bittersweet – during her time on Redemption Island, she was in a strong alliance – one that brought her all the way to the final three.Loyalty is something that can certainly help you in Survivor – but sometimes, if you’re too loyal, and don’t take any risks – people may not think you made enough power moves.In fact, the marriage proposal is one of the most memorable things to ever happen on Survivor, when Rob popped the question at the same reunion that Amber was announced the winner.Indeed, the world has enjoyed following Amber’s life after Survivor, especially when it involved the new family that she was now building with Rob.“Drop your buffs, because we have merged.” This statement has been declared by longtime Survivor host Jeff Probst numerous times, once every season, for the last 18 years, since the revolutionary reality series from CBS first aired in year 2000.

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