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Some friends of mine own Gargyle, which is a really cool shop to visit. My favorite restaurant that I frequent is Takahachi on Avenue A. For me, when I look back on history everything looks so great, but I think current times are always the best times—because you live in them now. Just because it was a big thing for spring/summer and it’s what’s in my head right now. Even just walking down the street you can see dozens.

It’s in the Lower East Side and it’s just a great mix of pieces. My dear friend, Joyce, does the accessories line there, and I go bananas at Madewell. Is there a favorite decade of fashion that inspires you? Crew flannel shirt; Marni vest; Marni leggings; Loeffler Randall shoes; necklaces by Pepper Cotton and Tom Binns; Swarovski Crystal bracelets; and Solange Azagury-Partridge Jewels Lori Goldstein, Stylist Do you have a favorite New York book, movie or TV show? But I have to say a true favorite of mine would have to be Iris Apfel.

They have beautiful dresses and awesome Karen Walker sunglasses and cool shoes. I love Woody Allen’s films in the '80s — with Meryl Streep. I just love her unique character and the way she dresses for herself and what she loves! Who are your favorite NYC based artists, past or present?

They also sell the Acne boots there that have fringe. I don’t know if you guys have heard of that—that’s full on Meryl Streep wearing beautiful long skirts and amazing outfits. What are your three favorite New York nightlife spots or restaurants? Rene Ricard, Dustin Yellin, Jose Parla, Wes Lang, and Scott Campbell.

I think somewhere in between is really the essence of New York—someone who has this unique kind of uptown style that is timeless, and then the ever-changing trend-centric downtown. I went there a lot during the build-out of the Blind Barber for inspiration and stuff like that.

Who are some of your favorite NYC designers right now? Just to see all different types of art and see how it can be incorporated into our space.

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So I think things that are really iconic to New York City still resonate for me, no matter how long I’ll live here. I used to be a tomboy growing up, so I wore a lot of band shirts and things like that.

I think we also have a very strong, successful bunch of young designers. And obviously Proenza, but to me Proenza are more established. I love Louise Bourgeois – She’d pretty much be my favorite for New York artists, but she has passed away unfortunately. What about a favorite New York nightlife or restaurant spot? Kelly Framel, Fashion Blogger, The Glamourai Do you have a secret shopping destination in New York?

These guys have really come out in the past few years. I just went to The Lambs Club the other day, which was really great. My friend Cobi Levy is opening a place called Niko on Mercer Street. Chris Taylor, Musician, Grizzly Bear Do you have a favorite New York band of all time? Well I always tell people to go to Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg because it really is like a massive warehouse. It’s always, like, whatever I’m doing today is the best answer! Andrew Mukamal wears: Balmain top; Dolce & Gabbana jeans; Givenchy sneakers; right hand rings by Pamela Love; Mark Walsh for Rodarte; Margiela; Eddie Borgo, and Ksubi; left hand rings by Hermés; Pamela Love; Goti; ID ring by Paul Smith; Ksubi; right wrist bracelets by Hermés; Fallon and Vintage; left wrist bracelets by Hermes, Fallon, and Vintage Cartier Andrew Mukamal, Stylist What are your favorite New York nightlife spots?

New York City is a, if not, the, fashion capital of the world.

An amalgamation of high fashion, retro appreciation, individual style and more than a little personality epitomizes a city that lives and breathes fashion even by proxy, sometimes serendipitously, almost always uniquely. For glamour and fashion I love Il Cantanori and Sant Ambroeus.

Central Park is incredibly stylish in the sense that you have so many different types of people using the park. Cabiri Calisto, Head of Sales and Press for VPL Who do you think is the most influential New York designer right now? I mainly shop on the Lower East Side and that vintage place, The Cast on Orchard Street.

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