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Contains 6 cantatas (La Rosa; L’amor onesto; L’Olmo; Libertà acquistata in Amore; Il Naufragio Vicino; La Gelosia) and 6 lezioni followed by a postscript. [item no.7] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, II/36. L’arte was written for Antegnati’s youngest son who became the helper of his father, the celebrated organ maker. A remarkable book printed with metal-block, considered the first organ tablatures to be printed in Italy. Italian edition of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Studien im Generalbasse, edited by Ignaz von Seyfried and first published in 1832. Line-cut of the Giacomo Vincenti edition, Venice, 1591. [item no.816] Bibliotheca Monumenta Bononiensis (= Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis), IV/15. Fruits of “seventy years spent as professional musician”. [item no.813] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/124. Laid paper, with handsome binding in red linen with gold lettering. ) [item no.1160] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/75.

Line-cut of the Venice, 1605 edition, supplemented by the additions of the 16 editions.

A prerequisite for aesthetic discourse is the regular availability of music - or put differently, the reproducibility of a notated text and its sound; and it was written traditions that enabled composers to refer to each other and compare works through both reading and listening.

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Lists 145 organs the master had built up to that time.

Contains, in the form of a dialogue, the history of the Antegnati family, requirements of the church organ, methods of voicing, registration, and descriptions of several Antegnati organs. ) [item no.810] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/42.

Deals with chordal and single-line improvisation from a basso continuo and makes an important distinction between “fundamental” and “ornamental” instrumental classes. [item no.2415] Biblioteca Storico Giuridica e Artistico Letteraria: Letteratura Musica Teatro, 62.

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