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And with their experience and excellent reputation in the wedding community, they have helped us build the rest of our Dream Team by directing us the vendors we have booked! ) On the night of the engagement Taylor and I started dreaming up where this day of ours would take place.

We were so inspired by the intimacy and backyard feel of his parent's home.

The Power is definitely with this fan favourite to play the prince of Eternia and defender of Castle Greyskull! Who will be the Prince of Eternia and Defender of Castle Grayskull? 💥⚔️💥 Twitter Fan Casting Final for the ultimate roll of He-Man in The film Masters of The Universe, 2019! #Lutz Do It #ad W03Orbe I love @zoomroom just as much as @kodakodaks does. Who would have thought her favorite toy, the laser pointer, would be the best treat to get her motivated. They know that I'm realy his first fan ❤🤗 Mm3Ll RHu Jomnarn Dul’s design was worn by @kellanlutz. H5ihj7K Twitter Fan Casting Final for the ultimate roll, He-Man in Masters of The Universe, 2019! #awesomeworkout My @fitbit Versa said I Burnt 536 calories in the 50 min training session with Koda 💪🐶 D5v SNOTCB W/ a few awesome movie projects coming up I decided to use Lifesum to get in the best shape of my life & improve my overall health. #ad DCLdh When your friends know your love for @kellanlutz better than everyone... Lutz’s tuxedo jacket was 45% certified silk & 55% r PET (#recycled plastic bottles), his tux trousers are hemp dyed with logwood & his waistcoat is made from #hemp and 100-year-old Spitalfields silk that was dyed with marigold flowers.

I began following them way back when, and then got to catch up with Heather and Troy once again as they did one of my best friend's (and bridesmaids) Weddings!

And on that day, my heart was so happy for my friend's marriage, but my heart was feeling a little weary (yet hopeful) in regards to my future.

I met Heather in 2011 as we were planning a (beautiful) fundraising event for a mutual friend of ours.

I fell in love with Heather's heart and her creative abilities, along with the help and creative assistance of her husband, Troy (he's a big part of our dream team too)!

is an American actor, director, producer and activist, best known for his role as Dr.

In between the excitement of my friend's big day, Heather and Troy had some sweet words that left me with some hope.

So on the day I got engaged, naturally I wanted to let Heather know!

#faker #motu MOjoumwf Congrats to Kellan Lutz on winning the twitter He-Man fan casting poll! @brittanybg makes this awesome protein oatmeal for me in the morning.

Kellan beat out several other great choices, including Charlie Hunnam in the final! Who will be the Prince of Eternia and Defender of Castle Grayskull? 1/2 cup of oats, 2 scoops of protein powder, chia seeds, and frozen blueberries & agave for my sweet tooth 😎 Do you have a favorite healthy breakfast?

And they've done weddings there at , we have the dream venue, but now when will this magic take place?

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