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Since the series started, the Gallagher family has split hugely, with many of the Gallagher children departing the show, due to the actors' moving onto other projects.

When he is rendered completely sober by a new drug, Frank appears reflective and even quite intelligent, wondering why Sheila would add to her problems by marrying a mess like him.Frank frequently quotes Shakespeare, the Bible, references international current events and uses poetry and soliloquy to express his feelings or view, as he does at the start of each episode.Thus, in spite of his drunken ramblings, sometimes he does come across as being well-educated owing to the issues he raises during his interactions with others.But his married life is not full of a lot of happiness.Now in 2018 may be she engaged or married to boyfriend, but this is an unconfirmed news.He then left the younger children in the care of Fiona, and moved in with agoraphobic Sheila.

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