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For anyone who’s unaware exactly what Klingon is…it’s a warrior language spoken by one of the toughest species in the world of Star Trek.Although speaking this fictional language is a hit at parties it hasn’t really made him a hit with the ladies.“One of the producers said, ‘Do you want to try out of this [other] role? ”captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs) is captured and locked up alongside Ash and Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson) in a Klingon prison.The two then escape and make their way back to Lorca’s ship.“I rarely read a lot of stuff online, but the publicists have been letting me know,” he explains.“It’s fun that there’s a lot of interest — that’s always a good thing. Some people have some stuff right, and some are way off.But it’s just good to see people interested.”" data-reactid="31"playing the Klingon officer, Voq, a role currently credited to an actor named Javid Iqbal, whose existence some fans are starting to question.

“One of the producers said, ‘Do you want to try out of this [other] role? ”" data-reactid="32"during the show’s lengthy preproduction process, Latif was originally cast as Kol, the Klingon leader who craves more power within his fractious society.

“Most people think it’s weird,” he said, adding that he’d like to see a Klingon-speak dating app created for people like him to meet up.

When asked if the Klingon language produces any sounds not heard in the English language, Nate barked out a primal sound that would have given a snake the shivers.

But could that jailbreak have been orchestrated by their captors with the intention of putting Tyler on ?

His past is already a bit of a mystery, and he’s already confessed to being on semi-decent terms with his captors.

Maybe Williams would survive, but it’s never smart to tempt fate. If given the ability to be beamed to one place, Williams would love for Scotty to take him to the original Starship Enterprise.

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