Korean dating sim game


There is a huge number of hairstyles, and multi-layered hanboks.

There is a close-up mode which lets you adorn the queen with feminine jewelry and adornments for her hair and face.

Korea is on the rise lately as it is getting recognition for creating some of the most fun (and addicting) phone games and apps on the market to date!Hardcore gamers know RPGs will never die, especially on phones.'Summoner's War' is owning the app store lately as it is pulling in players from all around the world with the real-time based battle system, guild battles and evolution system. Want a Korean man but won't be in Korea any time soon?Game by: Yet another beautiful game originally created by It's based on the Korean soap opera, "Queen Seondeok", which in turn is based on the real life queen.Of course Korean apps would never lack a cuteness overdose, especially in 'Wooparoo Mountain.' With charming characters, such as your guide Roopa, odd power-ups, and advantageous abilities, how will you conquer this mountain?

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